ANGAMO Monika Olasek

I am a translator since 2004.

I am a Physicist (speciality Biophysics). My language qualifications are confirmed by Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (1998).

Studying science taught me to solve even the most untypical problems and a significant ease of working with source materials. Hence, I also translate texts not connected to my education.


  • 2004-2007 translating for Polish edition of "Scientific American" - texts about Physics, Chemistry and Information Technology
  • Joyce Tyldesley "Private lives of Pharaohs", Bellona 2007
  • Adrian Weale "The Renegades. Hitler's Englishmen", Bellona 2007
  • stories written by Krzysztof T. Dąbrowskiego: "Naśmierciny" ("Deathbirth"), "Zemsta Franciszka" ("Benajmin's vengeance"), story "Brrrother" was published in April 2009 in Withersin Magazine, "0-700" ("Sex line"), "Moje ciało?" (My Body?")
  • Diana Hamilton "The Italian's Price", Arlekin - Wydawnictwo Harlequin Enterprises Sp. z o.o. 2009
  • Kate Walker "The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife", Arlekin - Wydawnictwo Harlequin Enterprises Sp. z o.o., 2009
  • Lynne Graham "The Greek Tycoon's Defiant Bride", Arlekin - Wydawnictwo Harlequin Enterprises Sp. z o.o., 2009
  • operating instructions, user manuals, scientific articles
  • I collaborate with translation agencies

I translate:

  • texts concerning Biochemistry, Biophysics, Physics, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biotechnology
  • texts concerning education
  • operating instructions
  • literar texts (stories, novels, popular science)

I carry out my tasks accurately and carefully, paying attention to proper language and style. I always revise the translated text. I do my best to leave the oryginal text format.